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glass is the thirst for the human condition. A congregation of the disruption of communication. When the ripples from past movements disappear what remains is the glassy water, a window between worlds.


The intro song to glass, setting the scene / world building. The place created is one that seems calm on the surface, but the silence that has been created is a direct causation of the destruction before it. A feeling of an open yet still claustrophobic space, one that remains full with background hints of a warm beach, brought with recording techniques to make it feel. promiseland will make you feel like you are at the beach on a sunny day, but lying on the bottom of the ocean looking up wishing you were there instead.

I come from the south side where they feel with their liquor

Drink this and let the body flicker

Water drips on your tongue like honey 

Everybody in their sundress, sunny

Everybody in their sundress in their sundress and it's sunny out x2

I need to feel the ground from underground

I need to run right now, cuz i think i'm upside down x2

Ooh baby you got your toes in the sand 

Can't you see were living in the promiseland

Oh lady blow me over like a ceiling fan

Just maybe were living in the promiseland x2

I need someone to hold me, I know, hear that a thousand times

Welcome welcome welcome to the world that doesn't love you

Theres a lot of trouble out there but there's safety in this bubble

There's a home inside there's pearly gates no they will never crumble if You stay inside and just abide know you will never stumble, welcome Welcome to the promise land, we're here to lend a helping hand, ocean Waters holy water melt your problems in the sand, lay down and get a Tan, no need to have a plan, and there's no need to take a stand and There's no need to start a band, there's no need to start a band

instant karma

A fast departure from the previous tracks. Bringing a faster paced, heartbeat like drive, still clinging on to the waviness of the first two songs before it. Instant karma is the other side of the coin of bummer, and a direct counterpoint to promiseland, bringing almost demonic qualities, as if you were being possessed by an evil groovy spirit in your very own bathroom. A battle between good and evil, and coming to the realization that being bad can feel really good. The lyrics detail a man struggling with addiction, as his inner demons “take over” and he is morphered into what he swore he wouldn't be.

bummer of the summer

The title implies a sad feeling but only during an otherwise happy time. Sunny days mixed with ever fleeting tranquility, leaving in its place dread of the unknown. A feeling of sitting in a cathedral with all the blinds closed, only letting small amounts of light, whilst a mass huddles close together and sings hymns. The emptiness combined with the warmth was the key element of this song, revealing what occurs on the inside may not be what is displayed on the surface. Starting off with a mellow and hollow bass and drum beat, then eventually crescendoing into a fully fledged chorus for the finale, full of strings and even an ekg monitor. The lyrics detail a lost love, one who has forgotten about the protagonist on a dime, leaving them without a proper goodbye.

Sorry sweetheart

I don’t know if she's here or not

I guess that she must've missed you

Well shit she must've forgot


She's very busy and I

Guess she wouldn't miss me

My eyes are feeling misty 

How could she forget me

Blank space nothing is occupied

Each day I feel empty inside

Bless yourself with your holy water

Hang your jacket when you go

I try to keep myself from falling

Into something I don't know

Please stay clear cuz I 

Don't want you near while I 

Figure out a little doubt

‘Bout some water and a drought

And how it’s still here


Trepidation across the nation

Bleeds intoxication from all the medication

The complication of conversation

Imma need to read it in a new translation

Sorry sweetheart

You must be so distraught

Last I heard, she left the city

Try sending a forget-me-not

Better watch out for the sundown 

There's no easy way to fall asleep

Picture perfect on the comedown

Watching karma create comedy

Sedated like and animal 

On my bathroom floor

On my bathroom floor

Not sure what put me here

But I want more yeah

I want more

Cries of helter skelter right beyond the doorway

I don’t think Ill get up Just the thought makes me sore yeah

I don't wanna stumble down the hallway

I wasn’t gonna fix myself anyway

Ooh ooh 

Come in come and get your karma

No false idols no true witness 

Lost my vitals and my money

Online fishnets got me swimming

Deep in abyss 


Abandon my ship

Clocking out for my shift

Water always reaches the bottom 

Aint gotta wait for it

Who you thinking that karma aint gonna’ catch you

Karma shoot ya

Karma Sutra

Mother nature's back turned

Heart racing 

Gon catch you escaping

Too old to be happy

Too young to just die

Got the shovel in my own hands 

I'd rather bury myself alive

stuck 2u

An empty ocean floor. Absolutely massive yet desolate. Feeling so close to something you desperately need but it's just out of reach. By the time you look again it’s a million miles away, too far to ever reach. This is the most climacteric point of the ep, defining the lowest moments one has. A romanticism of death and burning out with a white hot glow. Stuck feels like you can't move and are ever so slowly being enveloped in heavy water. Neither struggling or staying still will resolve the issue that's enclosing you. Stuck is about a pivotal point you wish you could change about yourself yet defines you. Claustrophobic and suffocating yet so tremendously immense you will never climb your way out because there will never be a way out of a bottomless pit without a line to pull out of.


The title itself reveals the contents. The song brings up the question of why even fall in love at all? What is the point of doing so when you know it will just hurt you in the end, when you could instead just take one night stands and fake friends. A song about giving up control. An anthemic ballad about finding true love and purposefully self sabotaging fearing a recreation of past relationships, knowing you'll get hurt either way. Picture a post apocalyptic dark discotheque where In the end, sometimes it's better to be lonely together than be left to your own thoughts.

Heartbreak will kill you in a minute if you let it 

True friends are the only ones to waste your time

Bless yourself and let it out, bleed it out and let it go yeah,

Id fall in love but sorry I dont got the time

Just let the water flow, by yourself when your alone x2 

Who knows just where it goes, cuz when it goes the water flows x2 

You're so lonely, lonely like, x4

Oooh, like me

You think true loves bound to happen just forget it

True friends they will change just pay it no mind, 

Just let the water flow, by yourself when you're alone

Who knows just where it goes, cuz when it goes the water flows

Washed in bleach and candied love

Vacuum sealed, forever young

Vanilla bleeds heart made with milk,

A crown of thorns thats spun from silk,

Gated warehouse is underground

The inner feelings are just tossed around

Holy sermon, of getting down, 

When I arrive there I won't be found,

shining son

I watch the world change colors

In some odd way or another

And less loan more discovered 

That there's still more to a lover

Change your lover


Cuz im stuck on a lover

Stuck on lover

Still kinda love her

Stuck on a lover 

Who am I to judge the living and the dead

In my own head

I think that you make me feel

I'm stuck on a lover

Im here to much

Feel like a stuck

On a record playing and playing

And staying and staying

On the same one part

I need a jumpstart

Of a lifetime

A bittersweet finale. A stream of sun after a storm when the black clouds are drifting into the distance, only to reveal the destruction that it had caused. A rebuilding period has begun, and along with it brings sadness for what was lost, but joy to build stronger. Shining son is raw and dreamlike, shimmery and soft. An early morning on a hillside, away from all the things that cause you pain, at least temporarily. The difficulties have subsided now but the aching remains. A sobering moment and a breath of peace and fresh air.

Your mind is mowing meadows 

As you run through the bathroom door

Staring right back at you is an undistinguished beast

We are really never who we seem

You break the glass revealing the eyes of someone that you know

I know you are here

I can feel you coming up the steps to meet me

for the very first time it feels like

The beast inside me hides

Cuz I know what an angry father feels like

I swore that i'm not him

I kiss you on your little blonde head twice 

I see my same eyes when I lift up your chin and I pray

Pray you won't be me

Cuz there's so many better things to be

Im so gone

I'm so undone

I wanna feel your breath

I wish my mother was here to hug me

And say in the winter time

Where does my shining son go

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